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Parental alienation occurs when one parent takes steps to isolate a child from the other parent. It may involve words and actions that create division, estrangement, or hostility between the other parent and the child. Parental alienation is not an isolated incident of one parent saying something inappropriate to the child about the other parent. Rather, it is a set of strategies that act to alienate the child from the other parent and lead to long-term consequences for the child.

Defeating parental alienation is a complex legal matter. Our Indianapolis parental alienation lawyers at Trapp Law, LLC in Indianapolis have significant experience handling parental alienation cases and a deep understanding of the issues involved. We understand the sensitive nature of this urgent family law issue and are committed to protecting your parental rights. Contact us to schedule a confidential initial consultation if you have been the victim of parental alienation.

What Is Involved in Parental Alienation?

A parent attempting to alienate a child from the other parent may do so in many different ways, including:

  • Making derogatory statements about the other parent
  • Limiting contact with the other parent
  • Forbidding discussion or pictures of the other parent
  • Forcing the child to reject the other parent
  • Creating the impression that the other parent is dangerous
  • Belittling contact with the extended family of the other parent
  • Forcing the child to choose between parents with threats or withdrawal of affection

What Are the Warning Signs of Parental Alienation?

To defeat parental alienation, a parent must first be aware that it is occurring. Signs to watch for may include:

  • Requests from the child to exclude the targeted parent (for example, don’t come to my games, recitals, etc.)
  • Shut out of the targeted parent by the other parent from school meetings, camp, etc.
  • Being challenged by the child in an extreme, argumentative and combative manner
  • The child demonstrating arrogance and entitlement to receive tasks or gifts from the targeted parent
  • Failure of the child to identify previous positive bonding experiences with the targeted parent
  • Denigration by the child of the targeted parent, which may involve repeating words of the targeting parent
  • The child takes responsibility for rejection and alienation and will not acknowledge manipulation by the targeting parent

Key Components of Defeating Parental Alienation

You have options under the law to defeat parental alienation. Key components of the process include:

  • Understanding: You and your attorney must understand how damaging parental alienation can be and how quickly it can occur. Small changes observed can spiral into an out-of-control situation.
  • Documentation: Document chronologically how the situation with the child has gone from good to bad, to worse. Documentation can be in the form of pictures, videos, school records, calendars, or anything that demonstrates your positive relationship with your child and how parental alienation destroyed it.
  • Psychology: Your attorney should have a deep understanding and awareness of scientific research and literature concerning parental alienation.
  • Presentation: Your case presentation to the court must show the history integrated with a comprehensive description and explanation keyed to your child in the present and the future.
  • Exposure: Your attorney should expose the truth about the lies and negative statements the alienating parent has made about you.

Contact an Indianapolis Parental Alienation Attorney

Parental alienation cases can be complex and challenging. At Trapp Law, LLC, we understand that no two cases are the same and develop creative and custom solutions for every client. Our Indianapolis parental alienation attorneys know what is at stake in parental alienation cases and will take every possible measure to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Yes, Indiana recognizes parental alienation. Parental alienation can happen when one parent tries to turn the children against the other parent. Children may start to believe that the other parent is abusive or that they are better off without them. This can be very damaging to the relationship between children and parents.

If you think that your children are being alienated from you, it is important to talk to a lawyer. A lawyer can help you understand your options and what steps you can take to protect your relationship with your children.

How do You Prove Parental Alienation in Indiana?

To prove parental alienation in Indiana, you will need to show that:

  • The other parent has been trying to turn the children against you;
  • The children have started to believe the things that the other parent has
  • been saying about you, and
  • The children’s relationship with you has been harmed as a result.

It can be difficult to prove parental alienation, especially if the other parent denies that they are doing anything wrong. You may need to get help from a lawyer to gather evidence and build your case. Children often suffer during a divorce, even if the divorce is handled properly. So, it can be difficult to determine what is the other parent doing and what it is doing to the child’s emotions being naturally mixed.

Difference Between Legal and Physical Custody

There is a big difference between legal and physical custody in Indiana. Legal custody refers to the right of a parent to make decisions about their child’s education, religion, and health care. Physical custody refers to the right of a parent to have their child live with them.

If you only have legal custody of your child, that means that the other parent has physical custody. This can be a difficult situation, especially if you want to see your child more often. You may need to talk to a lawyer to figure out what your options are.

How Long is the Process?

The process of getting custody and proving parental alienation can be a long one. It can take several months to a year or more to get a final decision from the court. If you are not happy with the decision, you may be able to appeal the decision, but this will only take more time.

If you are a parent who has been alienated from your children, it is important to seek legal help. A lawyer can help you get back in touch with your children and protect your relationship with them the right way while documenting everything.

Importantly, a lawyer can make the process much faster. When it comes to your children, every day will matter.

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