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Indianapolis Emergency Order of Custody Attorney

If you have reason to believe that a child in the custody of your ex-spouse is in danger because of circumstances that have changed recently or because of a serious problem that you have only recently discovered, you may be able to change the conditions of custody or visitation.

This begins with a petition to the court for an emergency hearing at which a judge will decide whether a temporary order for emergency relief is warranted.

Trapp Law, LLC, understands the sensitive nature of the emergency order process and is committed to protecting your best interests. Indianapolis family law lawyer Angie Trapp knows that no two cases are the same and her legal solutions are customized to suit the individual situation. If a child is at risk, an emergency order must be put in place without delay. Connect with us at once if your child is in danger.

When is An Emergency Hearing Justified?

If you and your former spouse are quarreling about custody or visitation issues, it is not appropriate to make a request for an emergency hearing. As the term suggests, there must be an actual emergency to address, and it should revolve only around the possibility that your child’s safety and security are at risk.

Here are some examples of circumstances that could justify a petition for an emergency hearing:

  • Your ex-spouse has attempted suicide.
  • You have evidence that your child is the victim of child abuse.
  • Your child has come in contact with a convicted sex offender.
  • Your ex-spouse has been arrested for or convicted of, a criminal offense.
  • Your ex-spouse has become incapacitated to the extent that they are not capable of caring for your child.
  • Your ex-spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol, putting your child at risk of harm.

These are only a sample of the possible situations that could arise. If you believe your child is at risk, no matter the reason, a consultation with Indianapolis emergency orders attorney Angie Trapp will bring your specific case into focus and clarify whether an emergency hearing is the best strategy to protect your child from danger.

What Does an Emergency Hearing Accomplish?

If the court decides that your request for a hearing is valid, you will have an opportunity to present your case to a judge. Your former spouse will be allowed to present their side.

The hearing is focused on examining one issue: whether or not there is an actual danger to your child. The extent to which you are able to convince the judge is directly related to the quality of the evidence that you bring to the hearing. This is another reason you need the assistance of an experienced family law attorney such as Angie Trapp.

At the end of the hearing, the judge may issue a temporary order. He or she may also want to consider the testimony that was presented for a few days before making a decision. It’s also possible that the judge could appoint a guardian for the child or order that a qualified professional such as a child psychologist investigate the allegations that have been made to present recommendations to the court.

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At Trapp Law, LLC, we know what is at stake in cases involving child custody and will take every possible measure to protect the rights of your child and also avoid creating a more contentious situation with an ex-spouse or the child’s other parent. Angie Trapp has helped many clients with these issues. Contact us for a no-cost consultation.

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