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Common Terms Used in Divorce Court

When filing for divorce, you may encounter some unfamiliar legal terms. Like many legal processes, this jargon can make it difficult to know exactly what is happening in your divorce proceedings. However, understanding divorce vocabulary—and enlisting the help of an Indianapolis family law attorney—can help you navigate the complex divorce process. Alimony
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What Is Marital Property?

Once you decide to file for divorce, one of the first details that you will need to consider is the division of property. When two people marry, many of their most important assets become marital property, which is subject to division during a divorce. Before you can begin dividing your assets, you
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What is a Divorce Decree?

An Indiana divorce can be a complex process. Depending on your situation, your divorce can resolve in mediation or agreement, end by default, or be granted during a trial or a hearing. At the end of each of these proceedings, you will receive a decree that finalizes your divorce. There are many
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What Should You Not Do During a Divorce?

Divorce can be a complex process, especially in Indiana. There are several actions you should take when filing for divorce, such as creating a record of your assets and obtaining the help of a divorce attorney. However, there are many more things that you cannot and should not do if you are
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What Happens to Marital Debt After a Divorce?

There are many financial considerations that need to factor into a divorce agreement—especially if marital debt is involved. If you and your spouse have shared debt, you may wonder who is responsible for paying it after your divorce is complete. This decision will depend on a number of factors. Indiana’s Equitable Division
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