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Indianapolis Spousal Maintenance Attorney

If you have filed for divorce, or intend to do so, the subject of spousal support/alimony can be a source of considerable anxiety. This can be a major concern whether you are the husband or the wife.

How much can one party afford to continue to support the other and still manage to meet his own obligations? How big is the gap between the resources the wife enjoyed while married and what she can expect after the divorce? Can maintenance commitments be changed if the circumstances of one spouse change? These are difficult questions, and even if a divorce is proceeding amicably these concerns may lead to unpleasant disputes.

At Trapp Law, LLC, our Indianapolis spousal maintenance lawyer understands the sensitive nature of family law, spousal maintenance issues and the importance of protecting the best interests of everyone who is involved in a divorce case. Angie Trapp has extensive family law experience handling these types of cases. As an Indianapolis divorce lawyer, she understands what is at stake and will take every possible measure to avoid a contentious future with your ex-spouse. Contact her office today for immediate assistance in this important matter.

Indiana Law and Alimony

Indiana law does not recognize the concept of alimony, but frames post-divorce obligations in terms of “spousal maintenance.” The law presumes that each of the parties in the divorce will continue to support themselves by working after the marriage ends.

However, the law does allow for spousal maintenance in specific circumstances. Any ruling regarding this issue includes prescribing how long the alimony will continue.

When is Alimony Required?

Spousal maintenance may be ordered on the basis of findings by the court or legal advice in regard to specific situations, for example:

  • If a spouse is incapacitated, physically or mentally, to support himself or herself, the court may order spousal support during the period of incapacity. Continued support after the initial time period named may be ordered after a review by the court.
  • Spousal maintenance may be ordered if the court finds that the spouse does not have sufficient property to provide for his or her needs.
  • Spousal support may be ordered if a spouse is the custodian of a child (such as child support) with physical or mental problems that require the spouse’s full attention.

It is also possible the alimony will be ordered after the court considers factors such as the educational level of each spouse, time out of the workforce, earning capacity or time and expense required for a spouse to find employment. Again, none of the orders are indefinite.

How Your Indianapolis Spousal Support Attorney Can Help

No matter which side of the divorce you are on, any ruling regarding property division or spousal maintenance will have a major impact on your life. It’s vital that all the facts related to this subject are presented as accurately as possible and with an eye toward the legal guidelines for support.

Our Indianapolis alimony lawyers understand that no two cases are the same. She will develop creative and custom solutions that are right for your case.

Contact an Alimony Lawyer in Indianapolis

Divorce can be complicated even in the best circumstances. Angie Trapp has helped clients throughout Central Indiana find solutions to their spousal maintenance challenges. The best outcomes can be achieved if you contact us early in your divorce process, to ensure that your case proceeds as smoothly as possible.

We serve clients in Indianapolis, Greenfield, Carmel and beyond. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your divorce and your rights regarding spousal maintenance.

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