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Indianapolis Arrears and Collection Lawyer

When a former spouse is court-ordered to pay child support and fails to do so, you have options under the law. Indiana has a Child Support Enforcement (CSE) program that provides help in collecting overdue child support payments. However, the CSE program may be understaffed with overworked caseworkers and prosecutors. Retaining an Indiana arrear and collection lawyer to assist you may be the most efficient option for collecting unpaid child support.

Our Indianapolis family law attorneys at Trapp Law, LLC have significant experience handling arrears and collection cases. We strive to deliver high quality, affordable legal services and are available to assist you with a free and confidential initial consultation. If your former spouse or a non-custodial parent is behind on child support or other payments, contact us to find out how the matter can be resolved.

Collection Cases Based on Family Law Court Orders

In family law, “collection” refers to securing payment of past due amounts owed under a family court order or judgment. Types of family law orders that may go unpaid include:

  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Healthcare cost reimbursements
  • Property division orders, such as pension and retirement accounts
  • Life insurance orders
  • Equalization payments (ordered to offset an imbalance in the division of assets)

How Child Support Arrears Is Determined

The first step in determining child support arrears is to review the most recent order of the court to find out the amount of the payments and when the court order went into effect. Next, determine what amounts have been paid under the order, if any. Going month by month, total up the arrears for every month child support was not paid in full, from the date the order went into effect to the present. It is important to know the exact amount of arrears.

Does Interest Accrue on Child Support Payments in Arrears?

Under Indiana law, the court may order interest charges on delinquent child support payments of not more than one and one-half percent per month. The person or agency entitled to receive child support may request that the court order interest if payments are not made in accordance with support orders. Accrued interest may be collected in the same way as for support payments.

What Our Attorneys Can Do to Help You Claim Unpaid Child Support in Arrears

When a former spouse refuses to pay child support, it can cause financial difficulties and emotional distress. If your child’s non-custodial parent fails to comply with child support orders, you can take him or her to court. Our child support lawyers can assist you with filing a petition, whether the other parent lives in or out of state. Our experienced family law attorneys in Indianapolis can:

  • Clarify child support court orders
  • Explain child support calculations
  • Assess the finances of both parents to determine whether a modification is appropriate
  • Determine child support arrears
  • Answer questions concerning child support enforcement
  • Prepare and file documents with the court
  • Handle court proceedings and negotiations in child support matters
  • Take collection and enforcement actions to obtain child support payments

Why Choose Trapp Law, LLC for Arrears and Collection Cases?

At Trapp Law, LLC in Indianapolis, we thoroughly prepare arrears and collection cases for a favorable resolution. We understand the sensitive nature of family law matters and are committed to protecting your best interests and achieving a positive and timely resolution. If you are not receiving child support or other payments ordered by a family law court, contact us for experienced legal assistance.

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