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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Indiana?

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Indiana?


Divorce costs shouldn’t dissuade you from getting a divorce, but you do need to be prepared for the expenses. In this article, we’re going to discuss how much a divorce costs, the filing fees, and what can impact the cost of your divorce.

The average divorce costs $9,000 in Indiana. But yours could cost much more or much less, depending on your individual circumstances. There are a lot of factors that increase divorce costs. To break it down a s simply as possible, the more complex a divorce case is, the more it will cost because there will be more hours the attorney needs to spend on the case. If your case is relatively uncontested and there are limited issues, the costs of the divorce will be substantially less.

A small percentage of divorce expenses goes into the filing fees. But the rest of it goes into attorney time. When you hire an attorney, you will generally pay a retainer. This retainer can be a few thousand dollars or more. Your costs are deducted from the retainer until the retainer is expended. From there, the attorney may require that you replenish your retainer funds, or pay on demand as costs are incurred on your case.

Some people may wonder how they will pay for a divorce if they don’t have any money. If your spouse controls the money, an attorney can still help. An attorney may be able to get a court order for your spouse to pay for your representation, as you are owed your representation, and the funds are marital funds. 

The process of divorce is an expensive one. But it’s not one to be taken lightly. When divorce does occur, it’s because it’s the best situation long-term. Some attorneys will be able to work on a sliding scale for you, while others may be able to create a payment plan.

If you can’t afford the costs of a divorce, there are sometimes local agencies that can help. 

What Are the Average Filing Fees?

Most divorce filing fees in Indiana are under $200. But that’s only the beginning of the costs of legal representation. You will usually pay a consultancy fee, then a retainer, and then the rest of the cost. You may need to pay additional documentation fees, courier fees, and administrative fees, as the process continues.

How Much Can Legal Representation Cost? 

Legal representation on average costs $9,000 for a divorce in Indiana. But it can cost much more, depending on your divorce. A divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars if there are a lot of assets, if it stretches on for a long time, or if there are complex child custody issues.

Because you’re paying for representation, the costs rise the more hours of representation you need. Effectively, a divorce could continue to cost you money indefinitely if you and your former spouse cannot come to an agreement, continue to go back to court, and continue to appeal or modify court decisions.

It’s in your best interest and your former spouse’s best interest to resolve your legal issues as quickly as possible. An attorney can help you try to come to compromises more easily.

What Other Factors Can Increase Costs? 

There are a lot of factors that can increase the cost of legal representation. As mentioned, the most significant is just time. If you continually need to go back to court, you will need to pay more. 

If you need to investigate your ex-spouse, it can also cost more. For instance, if you suspect that your spouse is hiding money, an attorney can attempt to uncover those assets through the discovery process by collecting financial statements. Sometimes, an investigator may need to be hired. These services will also need to be paid for. 

You will have additional costs such as process servers, and every time something has to be served to your spouse, you’ll need to pay for these services.

Your attorney will be able to discuss more about your costs when they meet with you about your case. Just know that the more complicated your case is, the more expensive it will be. Complications generally arise because of large assets, child custody, and disputes over specific assets (such as homes, businesses, sentimental items, or collectibles).

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