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High Asset Divorce

What Can Alimony Be Used For?

Divorce can be a complicated process, especially if you and your spouse have children or a large number of assets involved. Depending on your circumstances, the court may order you to provide alimony to your former spouse, or financial support paid by one spouse to another after a divorce. While not as
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How to Protect Your Inheritance From Your Spouse

When we pass away, we trust that our loved ones will divide our assets in accordance to our will. We choose the people that we give our belongings to very carefully, and if a loved one leaves us with an inheritance, we know that he or she put thought into that decision.
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Your divorce might be able to be amicable

When you think of a divorce, you might think of a contentious situation that doesn’t have any easy answers. There are some divorces that follow that model, but there are others that are amicable. The divorces that are friendly are much less stressful, so those who are going through this situation should
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