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High Asset Divorce

Your divorce might be able to be amicable

When you think of a divorce, you might think of a contentious situation that doesn’t have any easy answers. There are some divorces that follow that model, but there are others that are amicable. The divorces that are friendly are much less stressful, so those who are going through this situation should
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Your spouse may try to hide assets you never knew existed

Full disclosure is required during divorce. Your spouse cannot hide assets. He or she must honestly tell the court about all assets that the family controls so that they can be divided fairly. That doesn’t stop people from trying, however. It’s a very common issue, especially with high asset divorce cases where
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For many couples, January is divorce month

No, January is not an official month set aside to celebrate divorce, but that doesn’t stop legal experts from referring to it as Divorce Month. The reasoning is simple. The amount of divorce filings tends to jump up significantly in January. It’s one of the most common months to see people call
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