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Custody and Parenting Time

Can a Child Refuse Visitation?

Divorce can raise several issues for a family, especially if you and your former spouse have children together. When you decide to file for divorce, the court will enforce a custody agreement, which outlines several terms for your children, including child support payments, living arrangements, and, of course, visitation schedules. Due to
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How Do I Become a Guardian?

Whether a death occurs in the family or the birth parents of a child are unable or unfit to care for him or her, some vulnerable people may not receive proper care or support they need to survive. In these situations, you may step in and obtain legal guardianship for the individual,
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What Rights Do Birth Parents Have in Indiana?

If you are entering the adoption process in Indiana, it is important to understand the different rights and responsibilities that both adoptive parents and birth parents hold. Indiana, like all other states across the country, has a unique set of adoption laws that you will need to abide by during the process.
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