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Custody and Parenting Time

How Do Indiana Parenting Guidelines Affect Custody?

Divorce and custody cases can be emotionally challenging and complex, especially when it involves determining custody arrangements for children. Indiana parenting guidelines navigate this process, it is crucial to understand the state’s parenting guidelines. These guidelines outline each parent’s expectations and responsibilities, ensuring the child’s best interests are held as the utmost
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Child Custody Disputes: How a Family Lawyer Can Help

It is always a nightmare when dealing with custody of child issues because there is always a guaranteed loser. These types of family disputes are among the worst to decipher because the judge will consider many things. The primary goal is to put the child’s well-being first and foremost.    An experienced
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How to Get Full Custody in Indianapolis

Full custody is a common form of child custody and allows a parent to make all of the decisions regarding their child’s life. In Indianapolis, it can be challenging to get full custody of your children. The Indianapolis legal system puts the children’s best interest first, and a standard of proof must
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How to Defend Yourself Against Parental Alienation in Indiana

Parental alienation is a particularly dangerous form of child abuse. It occurs when one parent attempts to influence their child against the other parent, often without the child’s knowledge or consent. An alienated child becomes increasingly hostile toward the targeted parent and denies any positive memories of that parent. Inflicted children may
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How to Prove Parental Alienation in Indiana

Parental alienation, also known as parental estrangement or parental alienation syndrome, is an emotional and psychological condition that occurs when a child rejects a parent’s love or affection. Parental alienation can happen in any family situation but is most common when one parent tries to convince their child or children that the
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