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Review child custody agreements at the start of the school year

Review child custody agreements at the start of the school year

Child custody orders need to be reviewed periodically. One good time to review these is just before the school year starts. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the terms you have now will work for your child in the upcoming year.

There are some specific situations that you need to think about when you are reviewing the arrangements that you have. One of these is that you need to verify that the arrangement is logical. If you or your ex changed jobs or if your child’s school schedule will be a lot different from previous years, there is a chance that the current agreement will need to be altered.

You also need to consider the communication methods that you and your ex use. Using a parenting app might be one of the best ways that you can keep in touch with each other. The bonus to this is that the court usually has access to the communication, so what is said will be plainly visible. This could help things if there is ever a he-said-she-said situation about communication.

Your child’s activities and events need to be discussed. Practice schedules and known event dates need to be made clear. The plans for these should be made as early as possible so that you know what to expect and you can relay that information to your child.

If there are serious issues with the child custody agreement as it stands now, you might need to head back to court to have it updated. This modification can help you to ensure that everything meets your child’s current needs.

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