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July 24 is the day when a Munster councilman faces the music

July 24 is the day when a Munster councilman faces the music

Having to face the music when you are facing a drunk driving charge is something that can be very difficult. When your very livelihood is at stake, this can be even more difficult. One Munster councilman is finding out what it means to have to face the criminal justice system

The councilman is accused of driving drunk with a blood alcohol concentration of nearly twice the legal limit. While he was intoxicated, he allegedly slammed into another vehicle and injured two people.

This man’s charges go back to last July. His upcoming court date of July 24 is for a pre-trial hearing, but this has some people up in arms because they can’t believe it has taken this long to get to this point. Since the original charge was levied against the man a year ago, he has been out on bail pending the upcoming trial.

Everyone can make mistakes, but there are times when these mistakes can impact the rest of your life. The councilman is someone who should have known better than to drive drunk. He is a practicing attorney who is representing the Republican Party.

Even though he should have known not to drink and drive, the fact that he made a mistake is what matters here. He has the right to present a defense on this case, and he will have his chance soon.

Anyone who is facing drunk driving charges should evaluate their options for a defense. Exploring the circumstances of the drunk driving charge might help you to determine where to start looking for points you can call into question.

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