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Property Division

Think about the future when dividing property in a divorce

Who is going to keep the house? What is going to happen to the retirement accounts? Who gets to keep the stained glass butterfly collection? All of these are examples of questions that will come up during a property division meeting during a divorce. How these are answered depends on a variety
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Think about all property division matters carefully

One of the most contentious aspects of a high-asset divorce is the property division process. For many people, the things that they’ve worked hard to amass are a huge part of their life. If you are in this position, you probably don’t want anyone to take this away from you. Unfortunately, when
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Don’t let property division leave you ‘barking’ mad

Dividing marital assets. To many going through divorce, this process is one of the most frustrating, oftentimes only overshadowed by child custody arrangements. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that it can be difficult for most people to see roughly half of what they own go to their soon-to-be ex-spouse. Unfortunately, what
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Could you lose your inheritance in your divorce?

In Indiana, the general rule that’s followed when it comes to marital assets is that everything that a couple earns or acquires after they get married gets put together in one pot, to be divided up if they divorce as equally as possible. Property that’s received as part of a gift or
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