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10 Common Divorce Warning Signs

It’s not common for one event to cause a divorce — marriages often dissolve as a result of a series of factors, events, and behaviors that accumulate over time. If you believe your marriage may end in divorce, look for these common warning signs. #1: Lack of Communication This is a broad
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How Do I Know if My Child Support Is Fair?

At the conclusion of a divorce between two parents, a court will create a number of documents that both parties will need to adhere to in order to complete the process. This agreement will encompass custody arrangements, asset division, and, in many cases, child support payments. Understanding how courts calculate child support
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What Is an Interstate Child Custody Agreement?

Child custody agreements encompass a wide range of financial situations, living arrangements, and specific needs. In situations where a child’s divorced parents live in separate states, a court may use the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act to determine the child’s home state and fashion an agreement that works in the
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