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How Is Child Neglect Proven?

During a divorce, it is important for a judge or mediator to craft a child custody agreement that suits the child’s best interests. Considerations may include the financial situation of both parents, proximity to the child’s school and community, and the presence of dangerous factors, such as a history of child abuse
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What Happens When You Don’t Pay Child Support?

At the conclusion of a divorce, either you and your former spouse will work together to create a divorce agreement, or an Indiana judge will create one for you. This agreement will outline a series of responsibilities you and your former spouse will have to uphold, including asset division, child custody arrangements,
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How Self-Isolation During Coronavirus Lockdown Can Lead to Divorce

Across the United States, state and local governments alike have asked residents to stay inside as often as possible, for businesses to allow for employees to work from home, and for non-essential businesses to close. For spouses who are having relationship difficulties, this period of self-isolation can easily lead to divorce. The
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Can I Get a Divorce Online?

Due to COVID-19, you may be unable to engage in activities that may not be essential under shelter-in-place orders, but are still necessary — such as filing for divorce. If you are looking to end your marriage during this difficult time, you may wonder if it is possible to file for divorce
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