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The Bankruptcy Option: Is it for You?

While we are all worried during these uncertain times, there are basic steps you can take to protect your family, and your finances. In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you can discharge all debt associated with running a business, regardless of your income. If you need to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for
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Covid-19 Update

Dear Clients, Friends, and Family of Trapp Law, Trapp Law has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients. Due to the concerns surrounding COVID-19, we are now working remotely, but we will be doing our best to return all calls and emails
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How Should I File My Taxes While Going Through A Divorce?

Filing your own taxes can be difficult in any situation, but if you are currently filing for divorce during tax season, managing your finances can become even more complex. Divorce can change your financial situation significantly, especially if you receive or have to pay child support or alimony. After years of filing
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Can a Child Refuse Visitation?

Divorce can raise several issues for a family, especially if you and your former spouse have children together. When you decide to file for divorce, the court will enforce a custody agreement, which outlines several terms for your children, including child support payments, living arrangements, and, of course, visitation schedules. Due to
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