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Indianapolis Drug Possession Attorney

If you are facing drug possession charges in Indiana, obtain experienced representation. The penalties can vary greatly depending on the amount and type of drugs allegedly in possession. An overly zealous prosecutor may try inflating the charges filed against you and a larger sentence.

The right lawyer will defend your rights while questioning the legitimacy of the drug charges against you. You should not accept a guilty plea unless you are guilty. The state of Indiana has a legal duty to prove — beyond a reasonable doubt — each and every element of every offense that is charged against you. You need an experienced attorney to assist you with the legal process, and to help ensure that you obtain the best outcome possible.

Former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Defending You Against Drug Charges

At Trapp Law, LLC, in Indianapolis, we have what it takes to defend your rights against drug charges in Indiana. Criminal law attorney Angie Trapp was a deputy prosecuting attorney before focusing exclusively on criminal defense. She knows firsthand how prosecutors think and the tactics they use when pursuing drug charges in central Indiana. Just because the prosecution may claim to have a strong case against you, doesn’t mean it does. Ms. Trapp is committed to putting the prosecution on the defensive while uncovering any flaws in the charges against you. Contact our Indianapolis drug possession lawyer to learn how she can begin protecting your rights during a free initial consultation.

Putting The Prosecution On The Defensive

A drug arrest can be a jarring experience, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be found guilty. Attorney Angie Trapp spent years evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of criminal allegations while serving as a deputy prosecuting attorney for Marion County. She now works on the other side of the criminal justice system questioning the validity of criminal charges.

Whether you are facing simple possession charges or are accused of possessing a substantial amount of narcotics, you have constitutional rights that law enforcement cannot violate. Angie Trapp is committed to protecting your rights. She will dig into the allegations against you to determine if law enforcement secured a proper search warrant.

If the police officer raided your home or searched your vehicle without probable cause or a search warrant, she will fight for any evidence obtained illegally to be suppressed, and for the charges against you to be dismissed. Without enough evidence to prove its case, the prosecution no longer may have a choice but to dismiss the charges against you. Attorney Angie Trapp is committed to uncovering flaws in the prosecution’s case no matter what type of narcotic you are accused of possessing or dealing:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Crack

No drug offense is too complicated for attorney Angie Trapp to take on. You can feel confident knowing she will aggressively defend your rights at all costs.

Contact A Skilled Indianapolis Drug Offense Lawyer

At Trapp Law, LLC, we understand this is an overwhelming time for you. An experienced drug defense lawyer can help you navigate through the legal system, while fighting to protect your rights. Contact attorney Angie Trapp today for a free initial consultation in Indianapolis.

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"The Trapp firm kept me informed during my entire case and put in the extra effort to ensure I'd win my case. I highly recommend the Trapp law firm."

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