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Indianapolis Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Being accused of domestic violence is an upsetting and serious legal problem. Many who are charged with domestic violence are wrongfully accused; your reputation is at stake, along with your freedom, and access to your children or home.  Angie Trapp is a former domestic violence prosecutor who has tried literally thousands of domestic violence cases from the smallest infraction to the most serious offenses.  She understands that the facts are never as they appear, that witnesses are often unreliable, and sometimes there are problems with the evidence.  Angie Trapp is an aggressive litigator that will fight to obtain the best outcome possible for your legal situation since any domestic violence conviction could hurt your future, and your family’s future.

Why Choose Trapp Law LLC for Domestic Violence Defense?

A charge of domestic violence must be addressed with the highest level of skill if you hope to avoid conviction. At our firm, we take a strategic approach to defense law, seeking out the flaws in the case against you. We have the experience, insight, and background to do so. As a former deputy prosecutor, Angie Trapp knows what to expect, what evidence is essential to get your case resolved out of court, and what evidence and arguments could be most effective in court to win at trial.  The first step is a full evaluation of the charges and the evidence collected by the State against you. This review of the facts will allow us to determine the most effective defense strategy, discuss your options, and assist you in making informed decisions for resolving your case.

Indiana Law and Domestic Violence

Under Indiana law, the penalties for domestic violence will be imposed based upon the degree of the charge. A crime of domestic or family violence, under Indiana code IC 35-31.5-2-76, section 76 is defined as “a crime that occurs when a family or household member commits, attempts to commit, or conspires to commit any of the following against another family or household member”:

  • Homicide
  • Battery
  • Kidnapping, confinement
  • Human and sexual trafficking
  • Sex offenses
  • Stalking
  • A crime against a family member

An accusation involving the use of any weapon leads to heavier penalties, and almost any item may be classified as a weapon in a domestic violence case.  The penalties in a conviction can include years in state prison, along with thousands of dollars in fines. It is imperative that you are represented by an experienced trial lawyer if you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge of domestic violence.

If You’re Accused of Domestic Violence, Let Us Help

When accused of a misdemeanor or felony act of domestic violence, the outcome of your case will be determined in large part, by the quality and experience of your defense lawyer. You need a trial lawyer who will seek out every possible strategy for your defense, develop a powerful case to present in court, and who is confident, professional, and effective – but affordable.

At Trapp Law, LLC, we offer prospective clients a free case consultation. We urge you to call us immediately if you are facing domestic violence charges. Your future freedom may depend upon the actions we take in the early stages of your case. Exercise your right to remain silent and connect with us – make no statements to police or investigators without our attorney there to guide you and protect your rights.

Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty, but if you are accused of domestic violence it won’t feel that way. You need an advocate who will do everything possible to protect your rights, from start to finish. Talk to the experienced domestic violence defense lawyer at Trapp Law, LLC immediately if you have been charged or are under investigation in a domestic violence case. We know the law from both sides of the aisle – let us help.

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"The Trapp firm kept me informed during my entire case and put in the extra effort to ensure I'd win my case. I highly recommend the Trapp law firm."

— Andy

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