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Guiding Families Through The Probate Process

For family members, the weeks and months following a loved one’s death are an emotional and difficult time. There are often a lot of questions and confusion about what will happen to a loved one’s assets and personal belongings. At Trapp Law, LLC, our Indianapolis probate attorneys provide the information, advice and guidance families need to resolve matters related to the estate of their loved one.

Probate Administration Services

A probate case is initiated when a loved one dies and includes the process of accounting for all of an individual’s assets and property and determining how and to whom such assets and property should be divided and distributed.

Families who rely on Trapp Law, LLC, for assistance after a loved one’s death receive personalized service from Angie Trapp who, with nearly a decade of estate planning and probate experience, provides skilled and quality representation in probate matters. She understands that the probate process can be confusing and seem overwhelming and that, during this difficult time, you need an attorney who will always respect and represent you and your families’ best interests.

Angie Trapp will answer and help resolve issues related to the following questions:

  • How will a loved one’s assets be distributed?
  • How will a loved one’s personal belongings be divided?
  • How will a loved one’s outstanding debts and taxes be paid?
  • Is a loved one’s estate protected against creditors?
  • What happens to a loved one’s home?

The answers to these and other related questions depend on whether or not a loved one had an estate plan or will as well as the sum of an estate’s assets. Angie Trapp applies her skills and experience to every probate case, regardless of whether a loved one died with or without a will or whether an estate is worth $5,000 or $5 million.

When A Loved One Dies Without A Will

In probate cases where there is no will, assets and belongings are distributed according to Indiana’s intestate succession laws. If you are responsible for administering a loved one’s estate, you likely have many questions and concerns about your responsibilities, and fulfilling this role can seem daunting and overwhelming.

We represent families in estate administration matters and work to settle an estate in a timely and cost-conscious manner. We also present family members who have questions and concerns about the validity of a will or parties who wish to dispute matters related to the distribution of an estate’s assets.

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At Trapp Law, LLC, we represent and guide families through every step of the probate process. Contact a lawyer at our Indianapolis firm today to discuss your case.

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"The Trapp firm kept me informed during my entire case and put in the extra effort to ensure I'd win my case. I highly recommend the Trapp law firm."

— Andy

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