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Representing Your Best Interests In Estate Disputes

Disputes that arise over matters related to an estate can be highly emotional and contentious. In cases where an individual dies with or without a will, an executor or administrator is appointed to manage and dispose of an estate’s assets.

At times, there may be questions and concerns related to how an estate’s assets are being managed or distributed, and parties that have a financial interest may choose to take legal action to remove an executor or administrator or to recover estate assets.

Representing Beneficiaries In Estate Disputes

If you are a beneficiary who is concerned about how a loved one’s estate and assets are being managed, an attorney at Trapp Law, LLC, will answer your questions and provide the legal information you need to make informed decisions.

By taking a pragmatic approach, Angie Trapp can help you discover solutions that address your concerns and resolve any related disputes. In some cases, this may include taking legal action to remove an estate’s executor or administrator. If this course of action is pursued, attorney Trapp will fiercely advocate on your behalf and work to ensure that your best interests and those of the estate are respected and preserved.

Are You Entitled To Assets From An Estate?

When an estate is probated, steps must be taken to ensure that outstanding debts are paid and that assets are accurately valued and dispersed according to a will or state laws. Trapp Law, LLC, represents individuals in will contests and will disputes as well as parties who have a financial stake in an estate, and who want to ensure that an estate’s assets and property are appropriately distributed.

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