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Why does January have the highest divorce rate?

Why does January have the highest divorce rate?

Indiana has one of the highest divorce rates in the United States. A report in The Indianapolis Star found that the state has the sixth highest divorce rate out of all 50 states. 

There are some interesting patterns to notice in people’s divorces. For example, many attorneys have found that couples are most likely to divorce in January than any other month. There are various reasons why this may be the case. 

Tensions have been around for a while

One single event often does not lead directly to a divorce. In many cases, divorces are a result of long-gestating anxiety, anger or frustration. Many spouses who decide to divorce their partners will not want to carry through with the action around Thanksgiving and Christmas. They may delay until after the holidays, making January an optimal time. 

Thinking about the kids

Although January has a high rate of divorce, the same is true for July and August. Some couples with children want to wait until summer vacation before divorcing so they do not interfere as much with a child’s studies. For January, couples may wait because they do not want to hamper children’s moods around the holidays. 

Tax purposes

Finally, spouses may delay the divorce until January so they can still file joint taxes for the previous year. Your marital status on December 31st determines how you file taxes for the entire year. Therefore, many couples decide to wait until January so they can benefit off their taxes for just one more year. 

Although many people decide to delay divorce, it may not necessarily be right for you. You need to think about what is best for you, especially if the relationship is actively harmful. There is no reason to hold off on a divorce just so the people involved can save on their taxes. Talk to an attorney whenever you start contemplating divorce.