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What Questions Should You Ask a Divorce Attorney?

Are you planning to file for divorce in Indiana? If so, you need an attorney to represent your best interests. There are many lawyers available to represent your case, but finding the right attorney can be a challenge. Asking certain questions can help you gain a better understanding of how a divorce lawyer works, whether or not he or she is qualified to represent your case, and if you would enjoy working with him or her.

#1: What Is Your Background in Family Law?

To hire the best divorce attorney for your case, you need to find a lawyer with relevant legal experience. Ask your attorney how long he or she has been handling divorce cases and whether or not he or she practices other aspects of law. A lawyer who specializes in divorce and family legal matters will provide more experience and valuable resources to your claim than an attorney who rarely represents divorce cases.

#2: Do You Have Courtroom Experience?

Ask your attorney about his or her previous divorce cases and whether or not he or she has trial experience. Divorce cases often have to go to trial, and you want a lawyer who has experience presenting evidence to the court, conducting cross examinations, preparing legal arguments, and handling other aspects of the trial process.

#3: What Is Your Fee Structure?

It is important to know how a lawyer prices his or her services before you decide to work with him or her. Some divorce lawyers charge a fixed fee, while others charge hourly. Ask for the details of the lawyer’s fee structure and his or her payment requirements.

You may also want to ask about additional costs that your case may incur. Your attorney may want to hire outside experts to assist with certain aspects of your case, such as psychologists or physicians. Ask your attorney about these costs and whether you will be responsible for them.

#4: How Will You Communicate with Me?

Communication is very important during a divorce, especially between an attorney and his or her client. The sooner you decide how to communicate, the more streamlined your case will be. Ask your lawyer how often he or she plans on contacting you, whether he or she will contact you directly or if another staff member will contact you on his or her behalf, and which mode of communication he or she prefers.

#4: What Happens During a Divorce?

Divorce laws vary from state to state, and it is very important that your attorney understand the complexities of Indiana divorce proceedings. Asking your attorney to explain each step involved in a divorce will allow you to assess his or her competency and experience.

This will also provide you with insight into how the attorney will guide you through the case process; if he or she is willing to answer your questions and clearly explains the process in language you understand, chances are he or she will be the right fit for your case.

Although searching for a divorce attorney can be a challenge, it is important to find the right lawyer to represent your claim. Your attorney will provide several benefits throughout the divorce process, from representing your interests in negotiations to explaining how each asset division decision will influence your finances. Before you begin the divorce proceedings, contact an attorney for assistance.