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Underlying problems often contribute to alleged crimes

Underlying problems often contribute to alleged crimes

Facing criminal charges puts you in the precarious spot of trying to avoid harsh penalties and trying to minimize the other impacts of the charge. The criminal justice system operates on the premise that a person is innocent until they are proven guilty during a trial or hearing. Unfortunately, society doesn’t follow that same premise.

Sometimes, society will shun you based solely on the accusations against you. This is hard to deal with because you can feel isolated and alone. We can’t force society to stop reacting judgmentally, but we can try to help you clear your name or keep the other penalties to a minimum.

People might think that a criminal case comes from an intentional act by the defendant. These individuals don’t realize that there are some criminal cases that stem from underlying problems. For example, a person who is starving might steal food. The issue here is that the criminal justice system requires a punishment for the illegal act, but humanity should desire a solution to the person’s lack of food.

Another area where there are often extenuating circumstances has to do with drug charges. Oftentimes, an underlying addiction is the problem. Without being able to treat the addiction, the person will likely be in and out of the court system. This is where programs like drug court come into the picture.

In all criminal cases, the defendant has a right to present their side of the story. We can help you to go through the possible defenses so that you can make an informed decision about the direction of your defense.