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The importance of hiring a lawyer when divorcing

Divorce is a prevalent issue in Indiana. The state has the sixth highest divorce rate in the country, and approximately 19.6 out of every 1,000 state citizens divorced in 2016 alone. 

While many couples face challenges during the divorce process, sometimes a couple will still get along quite amicably. They may wonder if they even need attorneys if they can agree on the most important issues, such as alimony and child custody. However, regardless of how friendly you still are with your former spouse, getting a lawyer to look everything over is still highly recommended. 

A lawyer understands the paperwork

Phrasing is critical when drafting legal documents. Saying the wrong thing or omitting a crucial component could lead to disaster down the line. When a few years pass, your ex may not act so cordially around you. Hiring an attorney ensures everything in the documents is exactly how you mean it. A lawyer also knows to include boilerplate language. This is standard on all legal documents and will help immensely should something go wrong in the future. 

A lawyer reminds you of important details

A couple may assume they have agreed on absolutely everything. From division of the house to child custody, many spouses can agree on these points. However, there are many other facets that go into a divorce you may not be aware of. Do you know how you two will divide your child’s college tuition costs? Have you considered who will foot the bill for any extracurricular activities your children want to do? There are many nuances to divorce, and an attorney handles everything. 

A lawyer files all the paperwork on time

The last thing you want is for a divorce to drag on for over a year. Many judges immediately dismiss motions because a single thing was inaccurate or incomplete on the forms. An attorney has a keen eye for detail and will make sure to complete everything on time.