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Summer break is almost here, so start planning now!

Summer break is almost here, so start planning now!

With the school year almost over, it is time for parents to start thinking about what is going to happen over the summer months. For parents who have a child custody agreement, this could mean that it is time to start making plans for child care during the times the child will be with you. We know that you might not be looking forward to this task, but starting early might help you to minimize the stress associated with it.

Before you start booking babysitters or making plans for summer day camps, you need to make sure you review the child custody agreement to find out when your ex will have the children. You certainly don’t want to cover child care for the times when your child won’t be with you unless that is something that is required.

We realize that there are sometimes changes that might need to be made. It is always best to address these early on. This means that now is the best time to work on modifications for the upcoming summer.

Another consideration is vacation. If you are planning on taking a vacation this summer with your children, you need to find out what dates you can choose so you can make the reservations. Make sure you check the child custody order to find out if there are any geographical restrictions on the travel plans.

As always, you should remain as flexible you can about the child custody agreement. You might be surprised by how this helps you to work with your ex so that your children can make memories with both parents.