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Should divorcing couples resolve conflicts on their own?

Should divorcing couples resolve conflicts on their own?

Although there are no official statistics on what the overall data is on Indiana’s divorce rate, the dissolution of marriage is prevalent. In fact, 19 percent of people who reside in Wayne County, Indiana went through divorces. That means the small county possess the highest divorce rate out of any in the United States. 

Going through a divorce is tough, but it is a lot simpler if the couple can agree on certain items. Mediation is an option. However, many divorcing couples wonder if they can resolve conflicts on their own to cut back on costs. While it is possible, both people need to be on the same page for it to work. Otherwise, mediation is the way to go. 

Create rules both spouses follow

If a couple will sit down to negotiate terms of the divorce without a mediator or attorney, then it is vital both people are on the same page. They should establish ground rules about what topics they will discuss, and during the course of the conversation, no one should bring up anything different. Additionally, someone should write everything down. Both parties can review the document at the end of the meeting to ensure everything is satisfactory before it goes to a lawyer.

Listen to the other spouse

It is understandable there are a lot of emotions on both sides. Both spouses need to remain calm and actually listen to one another. It will help make the process go by much more smoothly. Spouses do not have to agree with one another, but they should be able to see an issue from the other person’s perspective. 

Know when to bring in a mediator

If just one spouse thinks meeting one-on-one will not work, then it is best to bring in a mediator. A neutral third-party can help greatly. There is no point in attempting to meet privately with a former spouse if the two will not accomplish anything.