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Remote Attorney Services & Court Proceedings – What does it mean?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way our “normal” lives look, and has forced us to change some of the routines in our lives, whether that means that we are working from home, helping our kids with e-learning, or waiting for our places of employment to reopen. As the world is working to become more virtual, we are continuing to provide attorney services in a remote capacity. What do remote legal services mean to your case?


If you have a family law case, we are still able to meet with you to discuss concerns related to your case via Zoom, a free video call service.  Also, we are always available for a phone conference, email or text messages.  We can provide all of the same legal services through these remote communication services that we previously offered through personal face-to-face contact. Additionally, while we may not have an immediate in person meeting, we can still provide you with essential feedback and services related to your family law case through these various forms of communications.

If you have an emergency child custody issue, need emergency protective orders, require immediate relief from your child support obligation due a job loss or demotion, or you simply need to start the process of a divorce, we are able to provide all of these services to you through our remote legal services.

Due to COVID-19, the courts in the Indianapolis area are beginning to schedule virtual hearings with the court for emergency matters, where the attorneys, parties, and witnesses appear remotely through a video call service. The courts are also working on putting these procedures into place on a more regular basis, while we continue to abide by social distancing recommendations and stay at home orders.


During this pandemic, many people are beginning to think more about their hospital or end of life treatment wishes, and basic will and estate planning desires.

In this new virtual world, we are still able to meet with you through remote media, such as phone, email, or Zoom, to discuss your specific estate planning needs. People who are at high risk for complications related to COVID-19 may want to consider providing their spouses, significant others, or loved ones with clear guidance on their wishes should they become hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated. If you do not have a Power of Attorney, we can remotely assist you in preparing necessary documents for end of life care, medical power of attorney and/or financial power of attorney.

Generally, if you are married, then your spouse will be able to make all of these decisions.  However, during these troubling times, you may prefer to select someone else to meet with medical personnel or bank service members on your behalf to assist you in the event that you become incapaciated, especially if your spouse is high risk for catching the COVID-19 virus.

If you own real estate, investments, retirement accounts or any other assets that you expect to give to specific people upon your death, including your children or other family members, then it is essential for you to have a clearly drafted Last Will & Testament to assist your family with distribution of your estate, after you pass away.  Many people believe that they can use legal documents purchased off the web, which are confusing, sometimes unenforceable, and can lead to litigation between family members after you die.  You can simply avoid this entire scenario with careful estate planning through our remote attorney services.


If you are charged with a crime, then you will need counsel to assist you.  We can provide the same essential services through our remote attorney services.  We are happy to meet with you over phone, email, or Zoom.  We can immediately answer all of your questions, and start to move forward on resolving your case.

We are participating in virtual depositions (over Zoom), so that we can continue to provide our criminal clients with important discovery as we prepare for trial. We are continuing to request bond reviews, and motions to recall warrants, and are able to continue to communicate with the prosecutors and courts on criminal law cases. We anticipate that we will soon begin attending virtual attorney conferences through video hearings, and we are requesting bond reviews, and motions to recall warrants. We have had success with these tools in our now virtual legal community.


We recommend that no one file bankruptcy, until we are in the process of recovery from the COVID-19.  Many people will be eligible for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to discharge all of your medical bills, credit card bills, or other unpaid debts. Currently, we are providing potential clients with virtual meetings to assist them in deciding how to stretch their limited resources to protect the few assets they have while at the same time continuing to survive during these difficult times.

We frequently provide legal advice to clients about how to manage their debts for many months before they actually file for bankruptcy, so please feel free to contact our office if you are in need of these services.


There is currently a moratorium on evictions, while the City of Indianapolis tries to flatten the curve with orders to stay at home. We are here to provide landlords and tenants with advice on agreements to repay outstanding rent or to vacate the property.  We can provide all of these services remotely.  If you need an eviction filed, we can electronically file it on your behalf, so that you can get a hearing date to mitigate your financial loss as soon as possible.

We are also assisting commercial landlords through these difficult times. If you need help with creating a rent repayment plan, or a new lease, for your commercial tenants, we can provide assistance with these services remotely as well.

We will continue to do our best to service all of our current and future clients in this new virtual world, until our city opens back up for business as usual.  Stay safe and healthy.

Warmest Regards,

Angela Trapp, Owner