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Indianapolis Child Support Attorney

When a divorce case involves children, resolving issues regarding their care and wellbeing can be especially delicate. The disruption of the stability of a complete family and the uncertainties that lie ahead are often very upsetting to children. Parents can feel a deep sense of disappointment, or even shame, regarding the impact of a divorce on their child’s life.

In the midst of all these deeply emotional issues comes the question of child support. The law regarding this topic exists to protect the child, not to punish either party in the divorce. Even so, and even when there is a shared commitment to the future happiness of the child, disagreements can arise regarding what is fair, or what each party considers realistic.

Indianapolis child support lawyer, Angela Trapp, understands the sensitive nature of child support issues and the importance of protecting the best interests of everyone involved. She understands what is at stake and will take every possible measure to avoid a difficult future with your ex-spouse and child. Contact her office today for a free initial consultation.

How is Child Support Calculated?

One inherent challenge in determining what amount of child support is owed is that Indiana’s guidelines strive to enable the child to have the same lifestyle they would have expected if the parents had not divorced. It’s easy to see why there would be such a standard but application in the real world can be complex.

There’s no getting around the fact that sustaining two households will be costlier than one shared residence. If the parents live in different states after the divorce, there can be substantial differences between the cost of living in both states as well as the prevailing wages.

Child support obligations are determined using mathematical formulas, but there is room for the parties to make agreements regarding exceptions to the guidelines used in these calculations, known as deviations.

Why You Need an Indianapolis Child Support Lawyer

The final ruling regarding child support obligations will be based on the facts presented to the court regarding the situations of each of the parties, their ability to support the child, and other matters. It is vital that you understand the implications of the data that is being presented regarding both parties in the divorce, and how this will impact the court’s view in calculating child support.

Navigating the guidelines can be quite complicated, and without an experienced child support attorney in Indianapolis, you run the risk of a decision that is not in your best interests. There is no reason to allow this burden to be added to the other stresses and problems that can result from a divorce.

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As an Indianapolis child support lawyer, Angela Trapp has helped clients throughout Central Indiana work their way through the child support rules and guidelines and achieve a result that takes into account the needs of parents as well as children. Because this particular issue may involve a fair amount of back and forth between you and your spouse, it is strongly advised that you contact us early in the divorce process. This will make it possible to achieve the ideal of a working relationship between you and your spouse that remains friendly and focused on your child’s future happiness.

We serve clients in Indianapolis, Greenfield, Carmel and beyond. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your divorce and your rights regarding child support.

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