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Plan the composition of your estate plan carefully

Plan the composition of your estate plan carefully

The composition of your estate plan is something that requires careful consideration. Your estate plan isn’t likely going to look identical to your best friend’s plan or anyone else’s plan. Instead, it is a custom plan that takes your wishes into account. We can help you develop your estate plan so that you have the ability to rest knowing that your loved ones have all the provisions you are able to provide for them.

You might not realize this, but your estate plan includes much more than a list of assets and where you want them to go. The plan can include points about what you want to happen to you in the final days of your life. You can determine who is going to make decisions for you when you can’t. You can leave instructions about the type and depth of medical care that you are willing to have.

We understand that you are concerned about getting everything in order so that your loved ones don’t have to try to guess what you want. Putting everything in the estate plan provides them with a road map for your final days and the weeks that will follow.

Other components of your estate plan that you might have to think about include what is going to happen to your children when you are gone and setting up the guardianship documents for that. Parents might not like to think about this, but it is necessary if you have minor children.

You will also need to think about setting up trusts to help divvy up your assets. They can also help you to protect the assets from creditors so your loved ones can reap as much benefit from the estate as possible.