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Man faces multiple drunk driving charges

Man faces multiple drunk driving charges

Drunk driving can easily get out of hand, as one man from Kokomo learned recently. The man now faces a number of very serious charges after allegedly driving while well over the legal limit, crashing into another vehicle and utility pole, and then fleeing the scene.

According to police reports, the man ran a red light at an intersection and struck another vehicle, then proceeded to drive into a utility pole. The man allegedly fled the scene of both collisions, leaving damage in both instances.

Reports claim that after the man fled the scene, he drove to a residence and parked the car before running inside. These details were provided by an independent witness who claims they observed the man driving erratically and followed him while calling the police to alert them.

When the police arrived at the residence, they subjected the man to a chemical blood test. The test results indicated that the man was still intoxicated well beyond the legal limit to drive, with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.146. During the course of the arrest, police also found that the man had a prior alcohol-related conviction from driving while intoxicated in 2015.

This man faces a difficult road ahead, but he certainly deserves the best defense that he can get. While the reports seem to stack the evidence strongly against him, it is far too early to know the full story behind his actions, and no one should be thrown to the mercy of prosecutors without proper representation. If you recently received drunk driving charges, an experienced attorney can help you explore your options for a strong defense and ensure that your rights remain secure.

Source: Kokomo Tribune, “Kokomo man arrested for OWI, hitting vehicle,” Cody Neuenschwander, May 09, 2017