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Know where to look for employment as a felon

Finding a job can be a difficult prospect if you are a felon. The thing here to remember is that you have to know where to look for work. You might not be able to get a high-paying executive job, but this doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to having to deal with a minimum wage job either. There are many trades and careers that are open to felons.

One thing to remember is that many manual labor jobs aren’t going to require you to complete a background check. Construction jobs, for example, might only require you to be willing to learn. Some other jobs, such as welding, might require that you have a certificate of training from a trade school or vocational program. Working on an oil rig or in a factory might also be possible.

Another job that you might be able to find is one that allows you to work from home. As long as the job duties don’t include handling a person’s financial information or personal information, you might not have to undergo a background check so your criminal case might not come up. Some customer service positions that you can do from home are like this.

You also have the option of self-employment. This can sometimes be difficult to get off the ground, but you need to find something that you can do that is in demand in your area. Focus on improving the skills you need for that job. You might have to complete some work that is lower paying than you think you should earn just so that you can gather a portfolio of work. This might be the case if you are trying to get an artistic job, such as becoming an interior designer.

Thinking outside of the box might help you in these cases. Take the time to investigate the jobs and companies you are interested in. Try to determine if they are felon-friendly before you use your valuable time with them.

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