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It might be possible to keep your divorce matters private

It might be possible to keep your divorce matters private

Many people like to keep their private matters out of the public’s eye. When you decide that you are going to divorce, you might be worried about everyone finding out what assets you have or the specifics of the divorce settlement. It might be possible for you to have details of the divorce sealed so that you can keep certain matters private.

One important consideration for people who are going through a divorce is that they want to keep their children protected. Child custody matters are usually sealed, so this might not be a real issue that you have to address.

People in high-asset divorces might want to have specific financial information sealed. It is important to remember that the court likely won’t seal the entire record. Instead, only the identifying components of the record are probably eligible to be sealed.

Another case in which records might need to be sealed is when there is domestic violence involved. It might be necessary for the court to seal information that could put one party at risk.

Some high net worth divorces involve sensitive business information that shouldn’t be made public. This information might be sealed when you file for the divorce so that the company doesn’t suffer because of the divorce filing.

Of course, you might also want information like your Social Security number, birthday, phone number, or address redacted. These are all things that can be used by others who don’t have legitimate reasons.

If you think that you will need your divorce sealed, make sure that you find out what is possible with the help of a divorce lawyer in Indianapolis. You will need to petition the court to make it happen and then see what the court is willing to do.