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Indianapolis Family Law Attorney

You never expected to be in this place. Whether you are facing divorce proceedings, a legal separation, or are dealing with a custody dispute, an experienced Indianapolis family law attorney can help you navigate past emotional barriers to reach a resolution in your best interests.

Resolving Divorce and Family Disputes with A Skillful Approach

At Trapp Law, LLC, our attorneys understand the sensitive nature of family disputes. Our Indianapolis family law lawyer Angela Trapp is committed to protecting your best interests without adding complications to what you are up against. She has extensive experience helping clients throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana find positive solutions to a wide range of family law problems. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, custody dispute or another family law matter, you can depend on Trapp Law, LLC for sound legal advice and skillful representation. Contact our Indianapolis law firm today for a free initial consultation.

Angela Trapp and her team of family law attorneys have experience handling a variety of divorce proceedings, including high net worth divorces. These include divorces involving complex financial holdings, business ownership and ownership of professional practices. Ms. Trapp thoroughly prepares her cases for a favorable resolution. When valuable, she consults business valuation experts, forensic accountants, and appraisers to gather all the facts necessary that can help tip the scales in her clients’ favor. As a former prosecutor and a current trial lawyer, Ms. Trapp is fully prepared to protect your best interests in trial or any hearings set before a judge. This includes post-divorce litigation over custody disputes, spousal support, and asset division matters.

We Help Resolve All Matters of Family Law

At Trapp Law, LLC, our attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and exceptional skills to help you handle any matters regarding family law. What is family law?  Although many consider family law to center around divorce and divorce proceedings, it also encompasses a wide range of legal issues that many married partners and families commonly encounter.

We Assist Those Seeking Divorce

Divorce is the principle matter in family law. Ending a marriage is undoubtedly a significant step in life, one that comes with careful considerations and a host of complex issues. Because Indiana is a no-fault divorce state, partners may file for divorce if they both come to a mutual understanding that the marriage simply is not working. However, there are also specific circumstances where a divorce may be fault-based. Additionally, we expect divorces to be uncontested (both parties agree to the terms of the divorce) – but reality often dictates that both parties may not easily come to terms with various provisions outlined in the divorce.

At Trapp Law, LLC, our Indianapolis divorce lawyers can help you navigate through the divorce process with minimal stress and frustration on your end, helping you deal with all divorce proceedings, including:

Additionally, we can help you with specific issues that may impact the terms of your dissolution of marriage. This includes:

Through experience, we understand how certain factors can impact your divorce proceedings, and we are committed to representing your best interests through the process.

Family Law Matters Involving Children

Matters involving children are often the most contentious parts of family law, due to the emotional and familial ramifications involved. Whether it’s determining child custody during divorce proceedings or revisiting visitation rights, we are prepared to help you through any family matters involving children. This includes:

  • Child custody and parenting time disputes. Indiana courts always act in the best interests of the children. If any parents are not acting in these best interests, their needs may be profoundly impacted by any resulting court orders.
  • Child support agreements. One or both partners may be forced to provide financial support in order to maintain the same standard of living the child enjoyed before the current circumstances.
  • Modifications in custody, visitation, and maintenance. As children grow and change, so too does their circumstances regarding custody and support. We can help file for any modifications that are necessary for your child.
  • Paternity as it relates to custody, visitation, and support.
  • Enforcement of family law orders and defense of contempt orders.

We are committed to helping you provide the best circumstances for your child.

Family Law Matters with Property

Property division during a divorce may initially seem fairly straightforward, but in many cases, it can often be as contentious as other parts of a divorce. At Trapp Law, LLC, we are equipped to help you resolve any disputes regarding division or property or assets. This includes:

  • Complex property division
  • Enforcement of premarital agreements – also known as prenuptial agreements
  • Any division of high-net-worth assets
  • Debts such as loans
  • Division of jointly-owned businesses and/or commercial buildings

We ensure that all divisions are satisfactory and suited to your financial needs and security.

Why Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

Despite the Indiana judicial system providing multiple resources for legal help in family law matters, many are rudimentary at best, only offering basic procedures and advice for your needs. Additionally, many only offer a ballpark idea of what to expect throughout proceedings – often, real-life family law matters are far from these initial estimates.

Therefore, for any legal assistance regarding any family law matters specific to your personal circumstances, it is always recommended to consult an experienced family law attorney. They can answer many of the questions that the state does not readily make available, and advise you of what needs to be done to resolve any family issues you may have.

Additionally, in more contentious situations, an attorney can advocate your needs on your behalf, absorbing some of the potential stress and frustration that may be expressed on both sides. They can serve as effective negotiators and communicators in situations where you may be too emotionally, mentally, or physically stressed to act accordingly.

Ultimately, a lawyer is there to provide the support, advice, and counsel you need during difficult times.

Family Law Resources in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area

The state of Indiana offers many online resources to help those with any family law matters.

  • The Indiana Supreme Court Self-Service Center provides basic legal needs for certain family law matters.
  • The Indiana government’s Family Website provides basic information for any related family matters you may be dealing with.
  • Indiana Online Child Support Calculator helps determine an estimated amount of child support that may realistically request during divorce proceedings.
  • Indiana Legal Services Organization is a group that provides free legal assistance to low-income families throughout Indiana
  • Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines is a comprehensive list of general policies and procedures to follow in order to ensure that children in unique family situations receive the care and attention they deserve.

Additionally, the Indiana Supreme Court launched Indiana Legal Help in 2016 to help those with basic needs regarding civil legal aid. It offers information for the filing process of certain family law matters, along with the relevant forms required in order to file for them.

A Collaborative Approach to Resolving Divorce and Child Custody Disputes

Not every divorce has to be contentious. When circumstances and the attitudes of the spouses allow it, Ms. Trapp prefers to take a collaborative approach. By identifying areas of agreement and disagreement with your spouse, it may be possible to identify workable solutions that satisfy the needs of both parties without involving the court.

Additionally, many courts require that the parties complete mediation, which is an out-of-court forum for the parties to resolve their disputes related to custody, parenting time, child support, adoptions, and property division. Many parties prefer to attend mediation to craft the best solutions for their families versus allowing a judge to make decisions on their behalf. Trapp Law, LLC has experience in resolving many family law cases through mediation.

Contact an Experienced Indianapolis Family Law Lawyer

When your children’s best interests are on the line, settle for nothing less than experienced representation. Indianapolis family lawyer Angela Trapp is not here for the sake of a fight. She knows what you have at stake and will take every measure possible to help you avoid a contentious future with your ex-spouse during your divorce in Indiana. Contact her Indianapolis law firm today for a free consultation. Ms. Trapp is a skilled family law lawyer prepared to protect your interests.

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