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How to resolve conflicts amicably during a divorce

How to resolve conflicts amicably during a divorce

While divorce is still prevalent across the United States, it is difficult to determine how widespread it is in Indiana. The state is one out of a handful that do not track divorce rates, as per a report in The Times of Northwest Indiana. The other states are Louisiana, Hawaii, Georgia and California.

With that being said, plenty of Indiana couples ultimately end up getting divorced. This can be a difficult time, especially if the two people are constantly disagreeing and getting into arguments. For people who think their divorces are going nowhere because both parties just cannot stop arguing, here are some tips for resolving conflicts in a more productive manner:

Use mediation

Mediation is highly recommended for all divorced couples. It is an opportunity for the two people to sit down with an objective third party and talk out issues. The great thing about mediation is people can decide whether they want just one meeting or want to continue the process throughout the divorce.

Aim for compromises

During a divorce, it is not recommended to aim for more than what a person can expect to reasonably receive. However, it is also not advisable to try to be altruistic and give up certain benefits. People may not always get everything they want, but by aiming for compromises where both parties can be happy, issues can be resolved much faster.

Talk to someone else about feelings

Even if a couple gets a mediator, it is not the same thing as talking through frustrations with a close friend. Those getting divorced are going to rely on their friends more than ever. This is a time to be open.

Focus on the future

It can be easy to focus on the here and now during a divorce. However, it is important to remember that a time will come when this will all be over. People should focus on reaching that point where they can grow and receive a fresh start.