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How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer in Indianapolis

How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer in Indianapolis

If you’re going through a divorce, you need a good divorce lawyer. Divorce is complex, both from a personal standpoint and a legal and financial one. A divorce lawyer will be able to help walk you through the process and figure out each step along the way.

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When Do You Need a Divorce Attorney?

You need a divorce attorney every time you go through a divorce. Even if you have a prenuptial agreement, an attorney can help. But a divorce attorney is even more important if you have a significant amount of assets or debts — or if you have children and need to address custody issues.

If you’re going through a divorce, you will need a different attorney than your current spouse. The exception is if you are separating amicably and have few assets and no children, and one party uses a lawyer to draft and file all the paperwork.

An attorney doesn’t necessarily need to be part of an antagonistic process; in fact, an attorney can be instrumental in ensuring that you and your former spouse are on the same page.

A divorce attorney will help you protect your assets and make sure that you get what you’re entitled to from your former partner. Moreover, an attorney will help you go through the process, which can be complex.

When it comes to child custody, an attorney can help you determine the best custody and parenting time plan for the child. If custody is being contested, and both parents are fighting over a custody and parenting time arrangement, an attorney can help prepare the best strategy for your situation.

What Does Your Situation Call for?

The more complicated your divorce, the more you’ll need guided help from an attorney. A divorce attorney, family law attorney, or child custody attorney can all be specialized enough to help you. A family law attorney is often what you need if you’re dealing with a divorce as well as child custody issues.
You don’t necessarily need a lawyer who concentrates in your specific situation (such as prenuptial agreements), as a family law attorney can help with most divorces. But ideally, your attorney should have experience and knowledge with divorces that are similar to yours. When you interview and research potential lawyers, you should ask them questions about how their process works, how experienced they are, and how many similar cases they’ve completed.

Of course, there are some times when you might need a more specific lawyer. For instance, if you are locked into a particularly specific or lengthy prenuptial agreement, you may want to find someone who specializes in dissolving or upholding these agreements. Because your situation is unique, you should discuss it thoroughly with an attorney to find out whether it’s a case that’s suited to them.

Interview and Research Potential Lawyers

How do you interview and research potential lawyers? First, you should contact them to potentially meet with them, determining whether they’re the right fit. Most lawyers will have options for either a low-cost or no-cost consultation. During that time, you’ll be able to speak with them, get a feel for the way they manage their cases, and determine how well you can work with them.

You don’t need to go with the first attorney you speak with. But you do have an interest in getting an attorney within a reasonable amount of time. An attorney who meets with you cannot work with your spouse nor vice versa, because of a conflict of interest. If you meet with many attorneys and your spouse meets with many attorneys, you may both find that the attorneys you can work with eventually become a smaller pool.

Ideally, the best time to find a lawyer is actually before you tell your partner that you’re filing for divorce. This gives you the time to get your information together and to prepare yourself, especially if you’re in a situation where you could be left financially vulnerable, or if you’re in a situation in which a lot of assets or child custody are involved.

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