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Divorces sometimes take teams to get everything in order

Divorces sometimes take teams to get everything in order

One of the difficult points of going through a high asset divorce is having to divide up those assets. This is difficult because you have to determine the value of each asset, which isn’t necessarily the total of the asset at this point in time.

Some assets, such as retirement accounts, have special considerations when you need to know the value of the assets. You can’t just look at the amount on the most recent statement and think that is the end of it. Instead, you need to have the assets valuated so that you can ensure you get your share of those assets.

We know that you might be a bit confused about the valuation process. This is something that is often handled by a forensic accountant who is familiar with these situations.

A forensic accountant can also help in other areas, too. If you and your ex have a business together, the forensic accountant can help valuate that business. Additionally, this professional can work to uncover hidden assets if that is an issue that creeps up in your divorce. This can help you to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours as part of the property division.

You shouldn’t ever go into one of these cases without a full understanding of your rights. We can help you to understand your rights so that you know what you might be able to accomplish. We want you to know the options that you have and how they might impact you so that your decisions are based on valid information instead of just guesses.