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Covid-19: Updates On Your Local Courts

Last week, the attorneys at Trapp Law heard from judges in Marion, Hendricks, and Hamilton County about how their courthouses are currently running.

  • MARION COUNTY: Currently, all Marion County court staff members, including judges, are working remotely, and are only going to be holding telephonic hearings on emergency matters. It is assumed that this will last until at least May 1, 2020. Marion County is still accepting all filings, and the judges are working to review all motions and requests that are being filed. Marion County is also still accepting filings of new cases; however, court dates are being set further out.
  • HENDRICKS COUNTY: Hendricks County courts are still open, but access to the building is being limited. Only essential parties will be allowed into the courthouse. Motions are being reviewed by the judges, and emergency petitions will be set for hearings.
  • HAMILTON COUNTY: The Hamilton County courthouse is also still open. The judges and court staff are working normal hours, but all hearings are being continued to a later date unless they are related to emergency issues.

Other counties in the Central Indiana area are operating differently during the COVID-19 pandemic as well. Here is some of the information available on how other courthouses are currently running.

  • BOONE COUNTY: Boone County courts are postponing criminal and civil jury trials, civil hearings (including family law hearings) until after May 4, 2020. Only emergency hearings and protective order hearings will be held at this time.
  • DELAWARE COUNTY: Non-essential hearings that will not result in a resolution of the case will be continued until such time as the health risk no longer exists. Some hearings may continue to take place telephonically. Civil and criminal jury trials will be continued until such time as the health risk no longer exists.
  • HANCOCK COUNTY: Criminal and civil jury trials will be continued until after May 4, 2020. Criminal pretrial hearings, and civil hearings (including family law) will be continued until after May 4, 2020. Urgent or emergency hearings will be held. Agreements made through attorneys may be heard remotely, through attorney conferences with the judges.
  • JOHNSON COUNTY: All criminal and civil jury trials are postponed until after April 13, 2020. The judges will be continuing all non-essential hearings in criminal and civil cases (including family law) through April 13, 2020.  Staff members in the Johnson County Courthouse may be reduced.