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High Asset Divorce

Could divorce destroy your medical practice?

Physicians have a divorce rate that’s as much as 20 percent higher than the average population’s divorce rate — which is a fact that physicians should consider when building their practice. That way, they can take some steps to make sure that if a divorce does happen to them, their business won’t
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401(k) plans and getting a divorce

Divorce can be a stressful process emotionally, but one of the most difficult aspects is the complex process of dividing up assets, especially if you have become financially intertwined over the years. In this light, the process of splitting up your 401(k) plan is not simple either. This blog will offer a
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The financial implications of baby boomer divorces

No matter what age an individual is when he or she divorces, each is sure to face some periods of emotional and financial vulnerability. For baby boomers, though, discussions about finances might be a particularly stressful issue. Many have recently retired after working decades or have assets they are not looking to
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