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High Asset Divorce

Your spouse may try to hide assets you never knew existed

Full disclosure is required during divorce. Your spouse cannot hide assets. He or she must honestly tell the court about all assets that the family controls so that they can be divided fairly. That doesn’t stop people from trying, however. It’s a very common issue, especially with high asset divorce cases where
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For many couples, January is divorce month

No, January is not an official month set aside to celebrate divorce, but that doesn’t stop legal experts from referring to it as Divorce Month. The reasoning is simple. The amount of divorce filings tends to jump up significantly in January. It’s one of the most common months to see people call
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Occupation, income tie into divorce rates

Does your occupation or your spouse’s occupation affect your marriage’s ability to thrive? According to recent research in the United States, an individual’s job is an indicator of whether or not that person will end up divorced. Gaming managers who work in casinos and bartenders, for example, are each over 52 percent
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Learn about the ways divorce can benefit your finances

The decision to divorce is one that many people don’t take lightly. One thing that has an impact on the decision to go through with a divorce is the financial implications. While many people think that there are only negative financial aspects involved with a divorce, this isn’t at all the case.
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Plan your actions for inheritances carefully

An inheritance is something that a family member usually chooses to leave to one person. This type of situation is something that must be planned for carefully, especially if you are married. How you handle the assets that you are given as the inheritance can have an impact on how they are
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