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Estate Planning

Your estate plan must include your current wishes

Your estate plan isn’t meant to be like anyone else’s plan. Instead, you have to think about your unique circumstances to decide how you are going to handle each matter. It is important that you work on this plan with the goal of having a comprehensive plan that doesn’t leave any room
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Estate planning when you’re on your own

If you’re unattached, you may not have given much thought to estate planning — it tends to come more to the forefront of people’s minds when they marry or have children. However, single people need good estate plans just as much as married people do — maybe even more, especially if you
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Think carefully about the estate plan you create

Your estate plan is a personalized tool that lets your loved ones know exactly what you want them to have when you’re gone. While it is important to spell out who is going to get what, there are many other considerations that come with an estate plan. For this reason, you need
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