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Lake Central teacher faces charges for using drugs in school

On a recent Wednesday, a 24-year-old teacher at Lake Central High School in Saint John, Indiana, was arrested for multiple drug-related charges. The English teacher was allegedly caught on a cellphone video snorting what is reportedly cocaine in her classroom. The video was taken by a student at Lake Central, who then
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2 Indiana homes raided; drugs and guns found

The war on drugs is something that police departments around the country have waged. Indianapolis is no exception to this. Recently, the Metropolitan Drug Task Force threw a wrench in the drug operations for one man suspected of distributing cocaine and marijuana. The 37-year-old man was indicted in the U.S. District Court
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Woman sentenced after 5 children harmed in DUI crash

Drunk driving is something that is always preventable. However, people who have been drinking might not think clearly. This is what one Valparaiso woman says of her decision to drive after drinking one night when she had five children, including three who weren’t her children, in her care. The woman claims that
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Teen faces 10 felonies after fatal drugged driving crash

Driving under the influence of anything is never advisable. You never know how the drugs or alcohol will impact you. In some cases, it might impair your judgment to the point that you do things that are uncharacteristic of you. One teenager from Frankfort is an extreme example of what might happen
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