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Review the different types of child custody that may be possible

Going through a child custody case requires you to make a lot of decisions. In each of these decisions, you have to decide what is best for your child. One of the decisions that you and your ex have to make is what type of custody will govern the arrangement. Here are some points to remember about child custody types.

What if you and your ex-spouse parent differently?

For many divorced parents who share custody of children, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy balance when two parenting approaches clash. This is exceptionally common as children move from one household to another, where each parent may run their respective households with different sets of rules.

Review child custody agreements at the start of the school year

Child custody orders need to be reviewed periodically. One good time to review these is just before the school year starts. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the terms you have now will work for your child in the upcoming year.

Summer vacation planning is essential for divorced parents

Now that spring break is nearly over, it's time for divorced parents to start thinking about how their children will be spending their summer vacation. If you listened to an experienced family law attorney during your divorce, you have already determined how your children will spend all of their holiday and vacation breaks. This can help you and your ex avoid fights and potentially make these times that should be fun for your kids stressful.

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