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Understand the resolution options for your criminal case

Criminal justice cases can sometimes take a long time to work through the system. Recently, we discussed the case of the councilman who has been fighting a drunk driving charge for a while. This is a fairly uncommon case, but it brings up the important point of a speedy trial.

We understand that you might be ready to get your case over and done with so that you can move on with your life. There are several ways that you can do this, so it is imperative that you carefully consider each one.

July 24 is the day when a Munster councilman faces the music

Having to face the music when you are facing a drunk driving charge is something that can be very difficult. When your very livelihood is at stake, this can be even more difficult. One Munster councilman is finding out what it means to have to face the criminal justice system

The councilman is accused of driving drunk with a blood alcohol concentration of nearly twice the legal limit. While he was intoxicated, he allegedly slammed into another vehicle and injured two people.

How to resolve conflicts amicably during a divorce

While divorce is still prevalent across the United States, it is difficult to determine how widespread it is in Indiana. The state is one out of a handful that do not track divorce rates, as per a report in The Times of Northwest Indiana. The other states are Louisiana, Hawaii, Georgia and California.

With that being said, plenty of Indiana couples ultimately end up getting divorced. This can be a difficult time, especially if the two people are constantly disagreeing and getting into arguments. For people who think their divorces are going nowhere because both parties just cannot stop arguing, here are some tips for resolving conflicts in a more productive manner:

Take steps to protect your inheritance from property division

When you have an inheritance, you can't afford to just sit around and do nothing to make sure that it is protected. This is especially true if you are married and are considering a divorce.

Inheritances are subject to being split up with other assets when you go through a divorce, unless you take proper steps to protect them. Understanding this before divorce is an issue might help you down the road.

How can I protect an inheritance for my loved ones?

Your estate plan is the key to making sure that your assets are distributed as you intend. The way that you handle the estate is something that can have a big impact on how the people you leave assets will be able to use those assets.

Some people might automatically assume that their loved ones are responsible enough to handle the assets, but this might not matter in some cases. There are ways that you can protect the assets you pass down from being claimed by creditors or being taken in other circumstances.

Writing a will by hand is possible, but does present a risk

When you are ready to write out your will, you need to make sure that the will you have is legally enforceable. In Indiana, this means that you shouldn't use a handwritten will, which is known as a holographic will, because these aren't considered valid in this state. This isn't to say that you can't write out your will be hand. If you do, you are running the risk of it not being considered a valid will.

There are some specific points that wills must address when they are created. Just to be clear, the fact that your will is written by hand won't necessarily mean that it won't be followed; however, you must ensure that it meets all of the other requirements for wills in this state.

Man gets prison and probation for fatal crash involving alcohol

A man who was found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentage of more than .15 percent after a fatal accident has received his sentence. He will serve three years in prison that will be followed by three years on formal probation.

The man pleaded guilty to causing a death while driving with a (BAC) of .08 or above. Other charges were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea. For the charge he pleaded guilty to, he faced a maximum of six years. Even though he received an incarceration period and probation, his sentence did meet the maximum allowed for this Level 5 felony charge.

Know how to handle a move as a custodial parent

A child custody case impacts the decisions that parents can make on their own. In some cases, there are serious restrictions on what the parents can do. One of the areas that is included in this is the ability to move.

Custodial parents can't just up and move with the children without notice. Instead, the parent has to give a 90-day notice to the other parent when a move is going to occur. This must be served by certified or registered mail.

What happens to your mortgage after divorce?

As you separate all the important things from your life together as amicably as possible, deciding how to handle the mortgage can be a unique problem on its own. When you buy a home and both your names are on the loan, the last thing you are thinking about is a possible divorce.

You have several options when it comes to splitting the mortgage after a divorce, and there is no right solution that works for everyone.

Think beyond the will when you are making an estate plan

Estate planning is something that all adults need to think about. Many people think that this is something that only needs to be addressed by elderly people. This isn't the case. As soon as you are considered an adult, you need to address what you want to happen in your final days and after your death.

Millennials are often some of the people who don't think too much about estate planning. If you are a Millennial, right now is the time that you need to think about estate planning matters. We can help you to find out what you need to work on to get your affairs in order.